Finnish director Elias Koskimies knows how to shake the system. His political satires made viewers gagging the air - or laugh hysterically. Not one to waver easily, Elias has kept on working, and has accumulated a loyal fan base over just a couple of years. He'd been acclaimed for his own, unique voice and bravery on pushing the boundaries.

His debut TV feature film "Beauty Sleep" is both a hysterically funny and heart-breaking tale of three drag queens and one homophobic politician. Highly acclaimed movie generated great reviews and it has been awarded in many festivals.

His first feature film "Dirty Bomb" was a black comedy about teen pop sensation. Non-apologetic, provoking and darkly funny movie truly got polarized opinions: you either loved it or hated it. "Dirty Bomb" premiered in September 2011 and it got three Jussi Award -nominations.

At the moment Elias is heavily concentrating on directing commercials & promos. In commercials Elias is looking for strong storytelling, great characters, personality, emotions and surprinsingly warm, human approach on things.

As a person Elias is an easy-going, down-to-earth guy who defines the meaning of a hard-worker. Whilst passionate about quality and strong work ethic, his most treasured characteristic is a great sense of self irony with a big laugh. A dreamer he is not - he likes to keep on moving forward and surprise people : what would he do next!